Financial Planning – Think Financial Education As Your Key to Achieving Wealth

The best way to improve your financial literacy is to learn as much as you can about money and how it works and this is why thinking financial education is paramount to you achieving wealth.

It is at the heart of what you would like to achieve – “the ability to understand and make informed and effective decisions about the use and management of your money.”

And you biggest challenge is that while you are expected to make informed and effective decisions about the use and management of your money. No one has taught you exactly how to do it. As the education you need to effectively manage your money is not available at any of the various level of schooling you have received. And it is not even modeled by those around you.

Therefore, if you are going to be achieve the level of financial literacy required it is your responsibility – No one is going to do it for you.

But the problem is even more fundamental. What is money any way? Really, do you even know what Money is?

Yes you know that it spends and that you work extremely hard and long for it. But really what is Money? Where did it come from? And how does it work?

Well, money is the universally accepted currency that allows you to quickly exchange expertise, real estate, commodities, and other goods and services. And originally money took the form of rare and special items that were limited in supply to ensure its value. With the ultimate form being GOLD.

Gold was great as money because it was rare, easy to carry around did not corrode and could be used for all kind of other valuable things besides money such as jewelry or other artifacts.

Money was worth something – It was Valuable!

However, today money has been so modernized that it has lost its value and is really nothing more than paper.

And this coupled with an overly complicated monetary system of credit, interest rates, monthly payments, taxes and fees have resulted in so much confusion that you are unable to make informed and effective decisions that lead to long-term financial success and security.

Resulting in you not being able to build wealth. All because of a few key errors that you make with your money on a consistent basis. Common errors that are caused by your inability to calculate the long-term effect of the financial decisions that you are making each and every day. Decision that are reflective of your financial literacy.

And if you do not learn how to avoid and over come these errors you will continue making them. And you will continue to have less money and less control of your life and less of a feeling of security and safety for yourself and others.

The good news is that you can take control of your life instead of allowing money to control you by simply focusing on gaining the financial education that you need. It is All up to You.

You would have noticed that so far we have talk very little about specific financial instruments and I am sure you may have wonder why?

Well, the answer is simply – achieving financial security is all about you. And your commitment to change your own thoughts, emotions and behaviors with your money. You have got to decide that you will no longer be normal and that you are going to be Different!

And to be different you have got to get a financial education. That will allow you to do three simple things:

  1. Learn how money and wealth works.
  2. Learn how to change your thoughts, emotions and behaviors with money.
  3. Retrain yourself to make decisions and take actions that go against what you would normally do with your money.

Then and only then will you begin to change create wealth and change your financial future. But if you do not educate yourself to do these things then you are going to continue to get the results you have always gotten.